Producing Dextrose Injection IP, Sodium Chloride Injection, Kidney Injection, Salbutamol Respiration Solution and other medicines, on a large scale.
Among the fields in particle physics theory, the Higgs field produces the Higgs boson- a standard modelled elementary particle. Six scientists suggested the Higgs mechanism in 1964 to explain why particles possess mass. Peter Higgs is credited with coining the term the Higgs mechanism. The Higgs particle has been dubbed the God particle by the mainstream media since it contributes to mass creation in all matter, including the healing power. Parenteral solutions such as Salbutamol Respiration Solution, Kidney Injections, Sodium Chloride Injections, Sterile Water for Reconstitution Of Dry Syrup, etc., can be found here. Because of this, we have the chance to become the market leader in all of our specialized parenteral solutions. In addition, it is used to penetrate the sterile solutions industry in the world, where there is a lot of room for growth.

A Differential Business Model

  • Fluid therapy, ophthalmology, respiratory and critical care antibacterial are four of the four primary therapeutic areas. In addition, we focus on developing and commercializing life-saving pharmaceutical medications.
  • Among the more recent entrants to the Indian infusion market, we have aspirations to become large with high-quality products and services. 
  • We are an MNC pharmaceutical firm in India, expanding rapidly in developing countries. We have a broad product line and infrastructure that meet all international requirements and standards.
  • A preferred P2P manufacturer for all multinational corporations in India.

Our Facility

Devbhumi (Hindi for Gods' Land) denotes the largest manufacturing and industrial powerhouse in North India. It is located in Himachal State's Solan district amid the picturesque foothills of Baddi. We are building an advanced infrastructure to provide a suitable atmosphere for our team, coupled with all the facilities required to develop the greatest work ethics and culture.

Our factory has been developed to meet the highest requirements set by the leading health authorities. In addition, imported BFS or FFS equipment and modern technology allow us to produce the highest quality products. All products are found under one roof, from hefty to small volume parenteral infusions and ophthalmic preparations to ear and eye formulations and injectables.

We are firm believers in the idea that quality is developed through time, not something that is achieved at a single point in time. High-quality components and modern techniques are used to formulate our product line. To achieve WHO or CGMP compliance, we have a complex global standard infrastructure with regulatory, QA and QC teams at our disposal. Our building aids in the efficient running of our company.

Our Business Arms 

  • Operations in India for marketing and sales 
  • Contract/CMO manufacturing (P2P/third-party/loan license) 
  • Global Exports

Our Business Divisions

  • Operations in India
    • Operations related to domestic sales
    • Operations at institutions of higher learning
  • International operations 
    • Central Asia (CIS)
    • Latin America
    • Middle East
    • Southeast Asia
    • Subcontinent of India
  • Contract manufacturing

Why to Purchase Pharmaceutical from Higgs Healthcare?

To cure any disease it is necessary to take original medicines, consumption of duplicate ones can even worsen the situation. That is why a customer should buy medicines from certified and authentic outlets. Consuming duplicate medicines may adversely affect the health of a person, therefore one needs to be conscious while purchasing medicines. Due to excellence in the quality of the product sold by us, we have gained immense popularity in the market. Besides this, there are some benefits of purchasing medicinal products from our company.  

  • We sell tested and certified items only
  • Quality assurance is of prime importance
  • On-time delivery of orders
  • Honest deals and clarity in business

Crucial Part of Indian Pharmaceutical Industry 

India has gained a significant place in the global pharmaceutical industry as this market of India is considered as the third-largest when it comes to volume and thirteenth-largest in terms of value. Pharmaceutical sector of India is making tremendous progress and is setting new benchmarks. Our firm is happy to be a part of such a significant sector. We are giving our 100% and making every effort to deliver the best from our end, so that the customers may not suffer. We know the importance of medicines and we value every life that is why we pledge to manufacture only the original and high quality Sodium Chloride Injections, Salbutamol Respiration Solution, Kidney Injections, Sterile Water for Reconstitution Of Dry Syrup, etc.
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